Grading Excavating

Grading excavating work involves digging a level base for a home foundation, or a specific slope for landscape, terracing or garden projects. It involves railroad, road or driveway grading as well as redirecting stormwater or irrigation runoff flows through aqueducts, etc.

grading excavating machine

The earthworks created for these types of excavation jobs are often termed the subgrade or finished contouring. When grading the surface of the finished construction, it’s called the finished grade. The grading equipment typically used to start the work includes bulldozing and excavating to prepare the area, then finishing with a grader.

The grades produced by the grading contractor may also be termed: the pitch, rise, gradient, incline or slope. Take note because you’ll see these terms mentioned in the work proposal submitted for your project.

Compact Grading Excavators

When having grading work done on your property, it’s interesting to note the parts of the hydraulics used in a compact excavator. These machines may be tracked or wheeled and have an operating weight of over 13,000 lbs. These typically have a backfill blade attached to a boom swing. These machines are also called a mini excavator. Grading, leveling and backfilling, as well as trenching and some dozer jobs are some of the grading services performed using the backfill blade on these excavators.

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Typical areas you’ll see these grading machines is in residential settings. They are used for digging and backfilling phone lines, cables, lawn sprinkler pipes, etc. because they are designed to fit between houses and in tight places. This makes these types of excavators a very time-saving and labor-saving device.

Because they serve so many purposes, grading excavating professionals see these small machines as a great addition to their list of grading equipment to serve you.