Landscape Construction

Landscape construction is typically a many-faceted and difficult project, especially if it involves a lot of tree, brush or stump removal. This work is usually done with a mini-excavator like the one shown in the video above. If you are doing backyard landscaping and your landscaper can get an excavator in the project area, you can save hours of time and a lot of money.

Taking away large boulders is another task that may require your landscaper to break down the rock into smaller pieces for easier removal. Some mini-excavators have a jack hammer or claw attachment which makes it an easy job to break down and grab the heavy rock to take them away.

Landscaping costs can increase dramatically if you have planned a pond excavation or special garden concept like a waterfall feature. Installing irrigation for these features and for lawn irrigation also takes planning, time and money to complete. The ditches for pipes are typically dug with a small chain trencher, which are usually small enough to fit in most of your landscape construction project areas.

If you are planning a large landscaping project for your entire property, get a landscaping construction specialist and designer to work with you. Some landscaping garden and lawn companies can help give good advice with choices of trees and shrubs, as well as special features such as lighting, small ponds, water fountains, etc. Big box home improvement stores often have personnel that knows about various landscaping methods. Before spending your budget on landscaping, get the advice from a trusted source.

When hiring a landscaper, be sure you are clear on all aspects of the project, the actual and extra costs involved, especially in the event you run into unforeseen issues like those discussed above. Also, make certain all required permits and secured before starting your landscaping service.

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