Road Excavation

Move video playhead to 4:00 to see road excavation in time lapse. Very interesting!

The types of Road Excavation we’re including are unpaved and paved roads as well as parking lot grading, driveway excavation and bicycle paths because these are constructed for vehicles to travel on.

Road construction designs are tailored to the environment and planned to extend longevity and reduce maintenance of the roadway. Many unpaved roads are constructed of material, such as gravel, that does not produce mud when raining. Also, roads must be excavated and graded properly. For example, if the road slopes towards the outside of a bend, vehicles traveling at speed will be at high risk of sliding or toppling off the road.

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Road Excavation can involve many types of equipment including Earth movers, skip loaders, bulldozers, backhoes, graders, dump trucks, asphalt paver machines, etc. When preparing for a road or parking lot, often there is land preparation needed like land clearing of trees and brush, then dozer work of the area. Often, lots of earthmoving is called for in the road excavating project.

All roadway construction should include plans for drainage. One example is the camber or crown. This is a slope on the road surface that causes surface water to flow to the edge of the carriageway. Road excavation plans often require a shoulder to be graded on the side of a roadway to allow for vehicles to stop if needed. Some roads are extremely difficult and dangerous to excavate, such as a cornice. These are roads dug out of the side of a cliff or mountain where one side of the roadway drops off sharply.