Trenching Excavation

What is trenching excavation?

It’s an excavation below the ground that is deeper than it is wide. Trenching excavation is a common part of many construction projects but can be one of the most dangerous operations depending on the type of trenching being done.

Large trenching jobs first require soil testing, which dictates the type of trench shoring services will be needed to keep the trenching excavation from caving in. You should also have the area you plan to dig checked and marked for underground utilities such as gas and electric, phone, cable and water lines. Checking for rocks may also be called for before digging begins.

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There are several types of trenching machines ranging from the large CAT 385C excavator machine to the smaller backhoe services all the way down to small trenchers like the walk-behind Ditch Witch trenchers, which is a type of chain trencher. You may be wondering what is a Ditch Witch – see the video below. On some digging projects, you will also see a wheel trencher in action. Also, there are trenchers that can dig and install cable lines without digging a ditch.

Mini Trenchers

Mini Trenchers are lightweight and compact which enables you to load them in the back of a pickup. These are built based on the same idea of the larger trenchers and are finely tuned. These are capable of digging very narrow trenches – about four inches wide. The depth these mini trenchers can dig is about 13 inches. This allows you to install pipes or cables without creating much of a seam, which makes backfilling a very simple job. They can work in very small and tight areas, or where there are many shrubs or trees.

There are several types of trenches the excavation company can dig. These include terrace, under terrace and multiple bench terrace trenches as well as the simpler narrow and wide trenches.